Lupo Barcelona Handbags 2014

Lupo Barcelona have been producing beautiful leather bags since 1920 when Jaime Iglesias began to produce luggage, bags and accessories that were as innovative as they were practical.

The first handbag store was then opened by his daugher Enriqueta in 1950, and her unique designs ensured her boutique became a focal point for the most elegant members of Barcelona society.

It was Jaime Iglesias’ grand-daughter Mireia Morenete who created the award winning “Abanico” the one bag that defines the Lupo Barcelona brand.


Violet Hill and our website have been retailers of Lupo Barcelona bags for over five years and our boutique Violet Hill is an exclusive stockist of Lupo handbags in the Essex area and once again is stocking a hand-picked selection of Lupo Barcelona Handbags 2014.

Each season the collection of handbags, shoulderbags, crossbody bags, clutch bags and accessories produces daring creations for the modern traveller and business woman that are both practical and contemporary including the Metropolis which is perfect for carrying a tablet or i-pad.
Lupo Metropolis Shoulderbag in Testa
Beautiful, sexy and constructed from the softest Spanish leather each Lupo Barcelona bag is a work of art and sculptural masterpiece. The collections are innovative and daring but always based round the iconic Abanico.
Lupo Abanico Handbag in Talco Side
The textures and finishes on the leather are striking and tactile and range from smooth napa leather to crocodile print stamped leather to baby-soft nubuck. There are metallic finishes, stamped finishes, styles that have tassels and styles that have frills. However, there is one thing that each Lupo Barcelona bag has in common – it is a timeless accessory for your collection – and one that you will treasure for years.

Lupo Isadora Handbag in Avellana