Penny Levi Jewellery London

We would like to introduce you to the bright, shiny and unstoppable world of Penny Levi Jewellery London – a new, stylish and contemporary addition to the jewellery collections on the MyVioletHill website .



Penny Levi has lived on almost every continent of the world and has many varied influences which are as complex as her designs are intricate.  Penny founded, and is the driving force behind Penny Levi Jewellery and has an unrivalled eye for fashion and trends and a rare ability to anticipate and predict future trends. She has encouraged young designers from around the globe to converge in a vibrant design house bringing an eclectic mix of art and fashion combined with a modern twist.

Penny Levi jewellery collections are constantly changing and always of the highest quality. The designs are intricate and  are a break away from run of the mill High Street jewellery.  The body of the jewellery is made in Sterling Silver, or Sterling Silver with a Gold or Rose Gold plate.  Semi-precious stones and twinkling pave crystals are incorporated to add interest and depth to the pieces.


The pieces in the collection are attractive and delicate with a uniqueness that has made them particular favourites of trendsetters and stylists alike.  One of our particular favourites this season is the stunning two part Pyramid Ring which comes in Rose Gold, Gold and Sterling Silver.

With an emphasis on the Spiritual this season a piece from the Penny Levi Jewellery collection will make the perfect gift for a loved one.  With the Hamsa hand being seen as the hand of protection and the evil eye said to ward off evil, these necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings will make a great addition to the jewellery collections of your closest friends and family.