Religion Clothing

Diverse, exciting, innovative and individual are all words to describe Religion Clothing.  This season our collection is predominantly black and monochrome with mesh detail or embellishment.  If you are looking for something different then take a closer look at their history and style.



Religion Clothing was established in the early 90’s and was firmly entwined with early club culture which was influenced by music which was chemically driven and where personal beliefs were publicly expressed on statement tees.


Religion has always supported the pursuit of individual style. Gaining inspiration from world street culture and the East End of London, lyrical quotes, musical muses and British heritage have always heavily influenced each collection

With their signature slogan ‘We Live in Black’ becoming firmly rooted in the Religion clothing – the company’s blend of anarchic graphics combined with a commercial aesthetic has pushed the brand to the forefront of both the fashion and media spotlight.


Religion Clothing began its existence as a niche t-shirt brand, but has developed into a brand that has ‘no fear’ experimenting with design techniques, washes and trends which has given the brand its diverse appeal: distressed garments with a rock star edge.

In a world where everybody is searching for something different and unusual, Religion Clothing can offer pieces including leather jackets, sequinned tees, bodycon dresses, slogan tees and directional knitwear.


Religion’s innovative design strategy has made it a must have for fashion fanatics, creating a huge celebrity following from Agyness Dean, Rihanna and Rita Ora to Muse front man Matt Bellamy, Labrinth and Michael Fassbender.

Keep checking the website – we have another delivery of Religion pieces due to land at any moment …….